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Gunthela Enterprise is the manufacturer of a variety of equipment incorporating our single contact aluminum freezer plates used worldwide in hundreds of applications in the fishing industry with the potential to expand into the medical and food industries. They have satisfied the toughest demands in quality, durability and performance on fishing vessels and ashore.

A major feature that sets us apart from our competitors is that vessel owners can take advantage of our ability to custom-design our products to conform to almost any space available particularly important in smaller fishing vessels where space is at a premium.

Here are a few reasons why Gunthela products are superior to common blast freezer systems

  • Product quality is greatly enhanced through quick freezing with direct plate contact: this ensures that the product's original form and appearance are kept as fresh looking as possible
  • Much less product dehydration compared to blast freezing: the difference in lost weight alone will quickly offset the cost of a new system
  • Increased capacity of the fish hold with the elimination of blower coils: Gunthela holdkeeping plates allow frozen products to be stored within 4 to 6 in. of the ceiling as large spaces for air movement are no longer necessary

This Web site will provide you with detailed information on our products and the broad applications of this specially engineered freezing system.


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