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Why We're Better [ top ]

What distinguishes Gunthela from our competitors is that we not only give our customers the latest in technology and the best price, but also our knowledgeable and experienced advice. We can show you exactly why our product is superior and how one of our systems can save you significant money in operating costs and lost revenue (please see our technical page). We pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver outstanding workmanship and to guarantee completion time, price, and quality.

The profit of choosing us to supply your freezing equipment will be yours to keep.

"Thank-you for providing yet another successful addition to our fishing company; this new freezer is as efficient and compact as we had hoped.

From the moment we gave you the contract, we knew the job would be taken care of, to our specifications. Your follow up and customer service beats none"

-Piscine Energetics

"For quite some time I've wanted to let you know how well we have been served with the various freezer racks and holdkeeping plates we have bought throughout the years.

However, the reason that I'm writing this right now is twofold:
First and foremost the two large freezer racks with cabinet enclosures, which as you know were installed on the "Viking Star", are performing an excellent job operating in the waters of South America.

Secondly, these large units built from heavy gauge aluminum with all stainless steel hardware surely stand up to the tough conditions on a seagoing vessel.

You have never let us stranded when time was of the essence, despite the fact that you don't take shortcuts and provide competitive pricing. That is very much appreciated, since tightly scheduled fishing seasons don't allow us many options."

- Egil J. Elvan, President
Westfjord Fishing Ltd.

Our Mission [ top ]

We are committed to:

  • Treating our customers and each other fairly and with respect
  • Operating in a highly ethical and professional manner
  • Encouraging the kind of open, honest communication that fosters a climate of trust
  • Recognizing and rewarding the accomplishments of our employees and providing timely and honest appraisal of their work
  • Earning customer loyalty by providing superior products and services
  • Ensuring that we do not compromise our values and beliefs in our relationship with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders
Background [ top ]

More than 15 years ago Hans Elfert developed a special single contact freezer plate and built a first freezer, using this plate, for a customer in a fishing community of Northern British Columbia. That first freezer, built 15 years ago, is still in working order today. Nothing similar was available at the time. It was an innovative approach to provide something in contrast to the double contact plates.

Double contact plates had been used for long time to freeze blocks of solid products, mostly fish meat and other meat products, hydraulically pressed between two plates.

Single contact plates with their large surface area are the ideal complement to double contact plates, when the aim is to acquire naturally shaped products.
During the high time of roe herring processing in British Columbia Guenther Elfert, with his son Hans as partner formed a company, Farexcel Freezing System, to take advantage of a patent obtained by G. E. and the demand for brine frozen roe herring. During a period of five years a fair number of large brine immersion freezers were manufactured until the market was saturated.

Following delivery of the last 360 ton a day brine freezer it wasn't difficult to decide to develop a line of products based on the single contact plates: Horizontal plate freezers, self-contained cabinet freezers, freezer/storage chest and holdkeeping plates for cold storage.

During the following years most of the trawlers and even some of the gill netters, trawlers and seiners on the British Columbia coast converted their vessels from blast freezing to single contact plate freezing. The wide range of freezer rack sizes allowed efficient use of the often limited space in a vessel's hold, while holdkeeping plates increased extensively the available cold storage space. The freezer/storage chest proved to be the ideal solution for a large number of prawn fishermen. Being able to freeze and store their relatively small catches in a unit on deck eliminated the need for an insulated, refrigerated hold.

Early in 1999 Gunthela Enterprise assumed the rights to the Farexcel freezer plate with the intention of supplying and working closely with refrigeration contractors around the world. Gunthela now has a fair number of distributors and supplies it's manufactured goods to all areas of the globe: Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Great Britain, Guyana, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, United States of America and others.

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