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Individually Frozen Fish [ top ]

Even though a lot of products are frozen in pans or on trays placed on the freezer shelves, the highest quality product with attractive shape and appearance is obtained when salmon, black cod and other dressed or whole fish is frozen in direct contact with the freezer shelf surface. Contrary to common believe the fish dislodge easily when solidly frozen to the core.
As an example, sockeye salmon of average size can be frozen in two hours, providing that a fan creates some movement of air between plates and a sufficiently sized condensing system is employed.

Crustacean and Mollusk [ top ]

Our freezer racks, cabinet & chest freezers have been widely used for freezing of crustaceans, particularly for shrimps and prawns. As a matter of fact, prawn fisherman have been requested by suppliers to the Japanese market to use our plate freezers for the standard I kg prawn boxes to assure the quality they expect.
Recently one challenging application was the supply of eight plate freezer cabinets for two factory trawlers built in Great Britain for a Guyana customer.

Tuna [ top ]

An ever-larger number of vessels having their freezing systems changed to the freezing of high quality tuna. The market for this product has traditionally been in Japan, but is now gradually expanding into other parts of the world.

The freezing of high quality tuna, especially for Japan, has almost always been done on refrigerated shelves, usually made of serpentine pipe with sheets of metal on them. Air circulation by fan is necessary because the round shape and firm tautness of the fish give them a small "footprint" and reduce the rate at which heat can be extracted from the fish by conduction. Blast freezing, on the other hand, and even the use of supplementary blower coils is generally frowned on because of the dehydration that results from the sudden localized drop in air temperature at the coil.

Once again Gunthela single contact plates offer a powerful and efficient solution to the problems and challenges of freezing this difficult-to-freeze fish.
Presently Gunthela is quoting large fully self-contained super low temperature systems to freeze tuna up to 150 kg caught at sea or ranched close to shore.

Variety of Products Other than Fish [ top ]

All types of meat and meat products and a variety of other foods, including bread and bread dough, apply themselves perfectly to be frozen on single contact plates.

Medicinal Products [ top ]

Blood, serum and tissue require low temperature, sanitary freezer and storage units. Our cabinets with special emphasize on sanitary necessities, combined with our experience in super low temperature freezing systems, ideally fulfill such requirements.

Other Specialized Applications [ top ]

Keel Coolers: Our plates have proven to be an ideal and cost effective solution
for this application.
Oil Coolers: Again our plates are a cost effective means to dispose of the large amounts of heat evolving in hydraulic systems.

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